ISO 1600 on Nikon D70

Now if you bring a bike tire they still try and charge you a dollar. But the person working in the booth is never there. So it’s free most of the time.

The artist signed it with the signature Vincent Van Gogh. But 6 dollars seemed high.

I sold my Nikon D200 on eBay. Maybe I screwed up?

You get 40 percent more. I feel like I overpaid the last time I bought it with 40 percent less.

Nikon D70. The poor man’s Leica?

“Doing some research I was surprised to come across a site called Nikon D70 fan on the interwebs. The link is here. There are quite many articles relating to the D70 (D70 and D70s both share the same sensor, but you know that already). Here the author of the blog says that the image quality of the D70 is equal to that of Leica M8 and M9..really??? I want to believe.”

The paragraph above is taken from this excellent website:

Transportation for the poor to fight the wars.

What was I thinking when I took this picture of the hummer? Definitely that this is a cool vehicle. Then when I wrote the title to the blog, I thought, it’s just a vehicle for the poor to fight the wars.

I often rode in these vehicles many times during my time in the USMC. Often times during training I would see a Marine driven around in a hummer with his pants pulled down and a thermometer sticking out his ass. You might say, “paraded in front of the battalion” for failing to complete a march during training. Oh how I loathed the USMC, but I signed on the dotted line, so had to do my time.

The military–industrial complex was not even registered in my brain. I was a complete idiot. Interestingly, slowly, I realized the way the rich elite use our children to start useless wars around the world. Maybe in the last 3 years I had this realization. Yeah, I guess I’m rather slow.

I look at the crime of war happening now in Ukraine and it just disgusts me. All soldiers should just refuse to fight and go have a beer. You might say have a world mutiny against the “so called” elite. Calling them elite is really doing humanity a disservice. We should call them ignorant and greedy. Thats who they really are.

But I must admit the Nikon D70 can take some good pictures.

Tree Burl

Poachers often cut off the burls from the sides of the trunks using chainsaws, which exposes the tree to infection and disease, or fell the entire tree to steal burls higher up. Wikipedia

Nikon D70 vs Nikon D200 vs Nikon D7100

These pictures of geese show that older Nikon cameras that can be bought cheap these days still take great pictures.

The Nikon D70 came out in 2004.

The Nikon D200 came out in 2005.

The Nikon D7100 came out in 2013.

Now the Nikon D7100 picture looks better with green grass, but if you look at the goose the image is not much better than the other geese IMHO.

If you ask me the Nikon D7100 cmos sensor was just catching up with the Nikon D70 and D200 ccd sensor.

I’ve been tempted to buy a cheap Nikon D700 full frame and finally be enlightened, but those big cameras are heavy.