Abortion should be legal up to age 18

There should be an abortion hotline where you just call and they come pick your kid up. In body abortions can be settled with a pill ordered online at Amazon. It’s all love like the Iraq war.

Thoughts on Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the war criminal. Leading his citizens to death for NATO. Of course we know that Zelenskyy is just a puppet on the world stage like Biden. The real president is George Soros, but don’t tell anyone. I could be wrong about Soros, but he is definitely on the board of “Greedy.” Somebody said the jews hate Russians more than Germans?

The White House in the future?

40 billion plus the 100 million security package for Ukraine. You would of thought they could of got the 100 million from the 40 billion? They think we are fools or they don’t give a damn. Go back to work peasants.

Spoiler: Putin wins and we lose. Our new Afghanistan.
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