Two brothers ride 17,000-miles to save Bristol Bay Watershed in Alaska.


pebble_pedalers1Walking through the town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador I came across two bicyclists (brothers) taking a rest in front of a small store. I asked them if they were going to be spending the night in Vilcabamba or heading down the road. They informed me that they were looking for a place to camp and I suggested that they take a look at the hostel that I was staying at, since the hostel offers a place to pitch a tent.

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Boiled Shrimp in Salt Water




  • 2 lbs of big fresh shrimp bought from an old toothless man with a big grin. His big cooler should be pretty well worn and kept in the middle of his shack. It also helps that he has old fishing net strewn about, so you are sure to get tangled in it. Maybe an old lazy dog with three legs adds a little extra fun.

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Religious fanatics remove nipples from women.


Wandering around the museum area of Parque Arqueologico in San Agustin, Colombia my friend and I came across this picture of native women with their exposed nipples removed. Our eyes met and we both bent over into a gut-bursting laugh.

Some twisted confused religious fanatic has had their mind washed with irrelevant scripture.

These are native women fully dressed. Please wake up and evolve.

The next day walking around town I came across a beautiful mother breast-feeding her baby. I thought, “how beautiful and natural.” Midway down the block I did think, “damn she has some nice tits.”

Is that wrong?

We all need friends.


Walking around Masaya, Nicaragua I took a picture of this man that looked very sad and down on his luck. Then I came across a dog that looked like he could use a good bath and some love. Maybe they will cross paths someday and take pity on each other.



Guatemala Tortilla with Avocado



A nutritional snack/meal for 60 cents in Guatemala. When I’m in the mood for a simple meal and not wanting to do dishes, I make a quick trip to the market and gather these ingredients. I’ll sit outside my room with a nice view and open my trusty pocketknife and slap these ingredients on a hot fresh tortilla. Squeeze some lime and green picante sauce on top and enjoy nature’s bounties. Also nice to take on a day hike.

  1. Tortilla
  2. Avocado
  3. Tomato
  4. Garlic
  5. Onion
  6. Lime
  7. Green Picante Sauce

White Dough Ingredients

Just a reminder for me on the road.

1/3 ounce Yeast or 1/4-oz. Envelope (1- 1 1/2 teaspoons)

18 ounces White bread flour  (3 3/4 – 3 7/8 cups)

1/3 ounce of fine grain salt (2 teaspoons)

12 1/2 ounces Water  (1 – 1 1/2 cups)

Fort Loudoun in Vonore, Tennessee


Interesting Fort to take a peek at in Tennessee. I was there during garrison weekend and volunteers recreate how life was at the fort.


This is the blacksmith shop.


Clay oven used for baking bread.


Officers quarters.


Infirmary bed with built in toilet.


Cannon overlooking Tellico lake.


Looking inside the fort from gunners station.


The fort wide view.


Basic structure of the forts buildings.


Flags outside the visitor center.


Fort Loudoun website.

Ozone Falls in Ozone, Tennessee (USA)



Now you must expect the unexpected in Ozone. My friend Beastie lives in Ozone and we decided to go hiking around the small town. If you are driving through be sure not to sneeze, because you might miss it. Heading east on route 70 the first thing that you come to in Ozone is the falls parking area on your right hand side. A quick walk leads you to the upper part of the falls. Beastie was telling me an old mill used to be located here. If you want to take the 15 minute hike to the bottom of the falls its probably smart to put on some good boots. The climb is rather steep and slippery. Many people swim in the small pool below the falls in the summer time. Beastie says watch out for water moccasins!

I took this picture of the railroad crossing. Upon editing my photo I noticed an unidentified flying object in the upper left side. Surely it must be some debris on the lens?


Ozone has a neat looking train trestle. Beastie and I were sitting on some rocks overlooking the falls and a train passed through.


Be sure with pure. Rick’s has fallen on hard times.


Neat old estate that everyone is hoping will be saved.



Beastie and I walked to the top of the hill and paid our respects in the Community Cemetery.


Volunteers do a good job of keeping the Cemetery neat and tidy.


The Rice family had some tough times. Beastie and I were deeply moved by their plight. Makes you aware of your blessings.


Beastie’s dog Lucy looking at something in the sky.


The legendary female Pro Wrestler “Beastie the Road Warrior” and her dog Lucy.


Old Studebaker abandoned in someones yard. The guy has what looked like to be a dozen abandoned cars in his yard (guess I should of took a picture of them all).


Well that pretty much sums up Ozone, Tennessee. A small slice of the USA.