Joe Bageant, 1946-2011



American writer and traveler Joe Bageant has passed away after a four month struggle with cancer.



Poppa Neutrino has passed away.



I just learned that the great traveler Poppa Neutrino had passed away in late January 2011. Poppa Neutrino died with no money or insurance and his kids are raising money for his funeral.


If you are not familiar with what Poppa Neutrino did with his life, then visit the Floating Neutrinos website.

Coca tea, “it’s the real thing!”




Here in Peru you can buy the coca leaf legally in a pulverized form of flour (harina), which can be used to make a tea.



Here in Peru you can buy the coca leaf legally in a pulverized form of flour (harina), which can be used to make a tea. Just add a teaspoon of coca flour to a cup of hot water and you have yourself a refreshing cup of tea. The effect is similar to a cup of coffee.

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First scrap raft to cross the North Atlantic Ocean.


Would you cross the North Atlantic ocean in a scrap raft built in lower Manhattan, NYC from the logs of the Hudson river and junk from the streets and dumpsters of the city?

The neutrino family did just that. The family had lived on rafts for 20 years, while raising and educating 5 children. The family had a dream that they could do anything imaginable, if you just let go of “how it’s been done before, and creatively recycle yourself and whatever materials are at hand, you can live any dream you can imagine.” The raft made of scrap and recycled material had to be inspected by the Coast Guard before setting sail.

Not only is this raft adventure amazing, but also the story of Poppa Neutrino is amazing. A book has been written about him.
The Happiest Man in the World buoyantly describes seventy-four-year-old David Pearlman, a restless and migratory soul, a mariner, a musician, a member of the Explorers Club and a friend of the San Francisco Beats, a former preacher and sign painter, a polymath, a pauper, and a football strategist for the Red Mesa Redskins of the Navajo Nation. When Pearlman was fifty, he was bitten on the hand by a dog in Mexico and for two years got so sick that he thought he would die. When he recovered, he felt so different that he decided he needed a new name. He began calling himself Poppa Neutrino, after the itinerant particle that is so small it can hardly be detected. To Neutrino, the particle represents the elements of the hidden life that assert themselves discreetly.
Inspired by Thor Heyerdahl and Kon-Tiki, Neutrino is the only man ever to build a raft from garbage he found on the streets of New York and sail it across the North Atlantic. The New York Daily News described the accomplishment as “the sail of the century.” National Geographic broadcast an account of the trip as part of its series on extreme adventures. And now he is on a quest to cross the Pacific on a raft. If he makes it, he plans to continue around the world. No one has ever sailed around the world on a raft. Meanwhile, he has invented the Neutrino Clock Offense, an unstoppable football play, which a former coach of the New York Jets describes as being as innovative as the forward pass.
The philosophical underpinnings of Neutrino’s existence are what he calls Triads, a concept worked out after years of reading and reflection. He believes that each person, to be truly happy, must define his or her three deepest desires and pursue them remorselessly. Freedom, Joy, and Art are Neutrino’s three. The Happiest Man in the World is a lavish, exotic, funny, and deeply serious book about a man who has led a life of profound engagement and ceaseless adventure.

“From the Random House website”

Also on the Floating Neutrinos website you will find a self-help section on creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Watch the video and visit this families website and read about their amazing adventures.

Traditional Christmas celebrated in Lima, Peru.


One thing you can bet on seeing in the homes of Peruvians during Christmas is Panettone and hot chocolate. Panettone is similar to a fruitcake, but only lighter.



One thing you can bet on seeing in the homes of Peruvians during Christmas is Panettone and hot chocolate. Panettone is similar to a fruitcake, but only lighter.


Recipe for Panettone by Mario Batali from the Food Network here.

Celebrating Christmas Eve in Central Lima, Peru I was treated to the traditional Peruvians sweets during this time of year. Once the clock strikes midnight and the madness of the fireworks subsides, the sweet hot chocolate is poured and the Panettone is gently removed from its wrapper and sliced.



A prayer is spoken silently to ones self. Then the toast of hot chocolate and the panettone is served. I found the Panettone rather nice. Fluffy, candied fruits and not to sweet… perhaps sums it up on the taste.



Why travel in the third world?

Why travel in the 3rd world? Free time is one reason or living your life the way you want to! The cost of living is a good reason! If you are doing the 9 to 5 daily grind and life seems nothing but sleep, work and eat. Then maybe you are in need to escape for a couple years and reevaluate your life? The third world offers you the means to escape long term on a small budget.

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The spirits of the mountains in Yungay, Peru.


I knew there was something in front of me. It was not something I could touch. Tears flowed down my cheeks. Beautiful… as the surrounding mountains, she whispered in my ear.


I knew this lady, yet nothing human stood before me. This spirit or deep feeling was very friendly. Perhaps we have crossed paths before. Maybe she raised me as a child. She could be my mother alive in the mountains of Peru. Was it time for a visit from her? I don’t know, but she caressed my cheek and wiped my tears away.


Don’t be afraid child. Look at the beauty that surrounds you. Open your eyes.

Loved ones die… yet where do they go?


On May 31, 1970 the city of Yungay, Peru was completely destroyed by an earthquake an a enormous rock and mud avalanche. From this homestead you have a direct view of where the old city used to stand and also the massive cemetery below.


She stands over her beloved city and tends to her flowers. She speaks if you allow yourself to listen.


She whispers…I love you!