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Cultural appropriation is an annoyingly brainless concept.

Cultural appropriation: is the inappropriate or unacknowledged adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity (definition from Wikipedia.)

Surely cultural appropriation was invented by a low IQ loser. Most likely someone that visited Mexico and came home wearing a sombrero. Felt bad for overpaying for hookers and 400 hundred dollar a night hotels in Cancun. Cancun is Mexico’s version of Disneyland.

Take the photo above of the girl with the Indian feather head display. Should she be cancelled? She obviously has pride in wearing Indian garb.

When ordering at Taco Bell and observing the local meth head attempting to make a taco. I don’t think of cultural appropriation.

Now when I stop at a Pilot gas station and visit the restrooms and notice the toilet paper on the floor, I do think of cultural appropriation (keep that behavior in Mexico.) What’s up truckers? Can’t take a shit and hit the hole?

If some white dude wants to wear his hair in dreads. Cool. I think of Jamaica and good times. Not disrespecting Bob Marley or Jamaica.

Now a football stadium of fools dressed like Indians and chanting with tomahawks? Well that got cancelled. But it did show what white people thought of Indians? Indians are viewed as strong people by the North American culture. Sure Indians have been exterminated by genocide in the USA. The tomahawk and casinos are all that is left of the Indian culture in the USA. At least the average non-Indians idea of Indian culture. The big joke on stadium sports is that the tax payer paid for the stadium and the billionaire owner is selling tickets to the tax payer. Double tax.

What I don’t understand is “white politicians” that are anti-white. Oh… I understand you want the vote, but do you really think BLM respects you? Your fence and security will never be good enough when they storm your mansion (which was funded by taxpayer blood.) In the end all political tyrants fall. You will pay for betraying your race.

Adios Amigos

The one big flaw in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is written in code by humans. As long as humans can change the code, there is no limited supply of 21 million Bitcoins (there is an imaginary limited supply.)

You can not trust humans. So you really can’t trust bitcoin.

By all means make money and send money around the world using bitcoin. Just be aware of the human flaw built into bitcoin.

Nikon D70 vs Nikon D200 vs Nikon D7100

These pictures of geese show that older Nikon cameras that can be bought cheap these days still take great pictures.

The Nikon D70 came out in 2004.

The Nikon D200 came out in 2005.

The Nikon D7100 came out in 2013.

Now the Nikon D7100 picture looks better with green grass, but if you look at the goose the image is not much better than the other geese IMHO.

If you ask me the Nikon D7100 cmos sensor was just catching up with the Nikon D70 and D200 ccd sensor.

I’ve been tempted to buy a cheap Nikon D700 full frame and finally be enlightened, but those big cameras are heavy.

Enlightenment and a dead possum.

Suddenly while riding my bicycle I had an enlightened moment. I had finally figured out what life was about. So i thought.

Life is such a brief stay here on planet earth, that I felt my stay here was just a test, before transitioning to the next phase. Leaving this planet through the door of death. Then the next phase of our soul begins.

The dead possum appeared at that moment lying on the road in front of me. Buddha was trying to explain life to me. Not that I really believe in Buddha or some deity. Some days I do and others days I don’t.

These pictures below having nothing to do with that moment.

Interesting how the material for bird nests has changed through my lifetime.  A mix of plastic and natural material.

This ant is enjoying the day in the sun under a giant palm tree.

This humming bird lives nearby.

When I ride my bicycle I spray the mean dogs with bear spray.

The summer is almost over.

The block editor for WordPress is a pain.

How to invest in Bitcoin on the stock market.

Greyscale Bitcoin Trust is a way you can get exposure to Bitcoin on the stock market. Greyscale also offers other cryptocurrencies you can invest in. Basically you buy the stock and the fund uses the money to buy bitcoin or other cryptos. Greyscale buys the crypto through Coinbase. The security is handled by Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC.

One of the big drawbacks to me is you don’t get 24/7 access in buying and selling your crypto. Since crypto never sleeps, your stuck waiting until the stock market opens to sell your shares. Plus you have to pay annual fees.

Now if you don’t want to worry about your keys, hard wallets, security and etc…. This makes an interesting concept of getting exposure in the cryptocurrency world.

Many investors feel they might be missing the boat on the cryptocurrency revolution. Greyscale offers investors a traditional stock market approach.

Personally I feel you should learn how blockchain technology works before just diving into crypto just to make money or lose money. I’m not one of those true believers that think Bitcoin will be worth 300,000.00 dollars in years ahead. But I might be wrong?

This is not investment advice!

Presidential Election 2020 pictures.

So whatever the outcome of this election is, one thing is certain. We are a divided nation. Some people are blaming Trump for the death of their family members.

Some are pro-Trump and wearing the mask outdoors.

You have the true believers.

Polling volunteers taking all precautions.

Discarded masks litter the world.

Is it truth over lies? Or lies over truth?