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Justin Sun (Tron TRX) is helping the crypto community and the world.

Justin Sun (Tron) does have a soul. I was ready to sell my Tron coins (Trx), because I never read anything positive about Justin Sun.

Well Justin Sun decided to help Tron token holders on the frozen Okex exchange cash out their coins.

Then I read that Justin Sun pledged $1 million to Greta Thunberg’s initiative.

I’ve always felt that the biggest problem with Tron was Justin Sun’s image problem. After reading good news like this, I bought more Tron TRX.

The more I look at the Tron ecosystem. The more I like what I see. The Tron ecosystem is solid and built for rapid expansion.

Tron cryptocurrency has a road map and it’s called domination.

Some thoughts on Tron cryptocurrency. Besides Justin Sun being in love with himself, which is not a bad trait to have. Justin Sun is an excellent (in the making) CEO and has a road map of where he wants Tron to go. Check out Tron’s website.

If you didn’t know, Justin Sun placed the record breaking bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett and it only cost him 4.5 million dollars. Justin Sun is thinking big and Tron is doing big things in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Think about this. You can create the greatest blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world, but if it is to complicated to use, then what’s it really worth?

Apps in my opinion are going to win the cryptocurrency race to wide spread use. Why do you think Facebook wants a cryptocurrency?

Trons has apps or Dapps (decentralized applications) in the top blockchain rankings on Dappradar https://dappradar.com/rankings. Check it out.

When I think of Tron, I think of the old arcade game Tron or the movie Tron. Tron has a younger generation following. Tron is strong in gaming and gambling. Tron is an excellent branding name.

Justin Sun has an image problem. He’s brazen, cocky, handsome and rich. What’s not to hate. He’s out to win! Think of Jeff Bezos, but young. The Steemit and Hive fiasco definitely hurt Justin Sun’s image. Justin Sun needs an image makeover.

I stake Tron through Binance on the Ledger Nano S. I get paid every 24 hrs. Something to look into. I buy Tron on the Kraken crypto exchange.