Well, some times you just have to say they suck. Then turn the saturation up and laugh out loud.

Yeah, I walk the same trail 3 to 4 times per week. Mostly I just play around with the aperture or think about composition. Today I just amused myself in Apple Photos playing with the different adjustments. Normally I’m a Gimp (free image editor) type guy. But lately I’ve been appreciating the Apple way of doing stuff. Many tools to work with that normally I don’t pay attention to. You might say a “Software Suite.”

Who is on the leash?

“Do not be an embodier of fame; do not be a storehouse of schemes; do not be an undertaker of projects; do not be a proprietor of wisdom… Be empty, that is all. The Perfect Man used his mind like a mirror— going after nothing, welcoming nothing, responding but not storing.”


Thoughts on the Panasonic Lumix G 25mm f/1.7 ASPH.

I think this lens came out in 2015 and has always been very affordable. Like under 200 dollars. Now you can pick them up on the used market at mpb.com for 104.00 dollars like new condition. Free shipping and zero tax. Bargain!

It’s fast and pretty sharp. Now I’m on my second day of shooting with it and I’m really impressed.

Walking through the woods near sunset and looking through my view finder it looks like a sunny day. Feels like I have night vision goggles on.

I shoot with a Panasonic DMC G6 and you can walk around all day with this setup and not know it’s strapped across your chest.

Fun lens for experimenting and it’s super cheap on the used market. Hell you might as well pick two of them up. You can’t lose.

Since I don’t have a lens filter. I just keep the hood attached for protection.

I took the picture (below) through my truck window, which I haven’t washed the bugs off in a couple years. Good tip for getting that film look.

Remember when photography was fun and you didn’t have to spend 8000.00 dollars on a kit?

This lens makes a trash can look good.

Icicles and a squirrel eating a nut.

(Me) Write a short paragraph about a squirrel eating a nut and some icicles.

(ChapGPT) On a cold winter day, a squirrel sat perched on a tree branch, eagerly munching on a nut it had found. As it munched away, small icicles formed on the branches around it, glistening in the bright winter sun. The squirrel paid them no mind, focusing instead on the delicious nut it held between its paws. It was a happy and contented squirrel, enjoying the simple pleasures of life.