Nikon D200 & Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8D. Black and white is not the Nikon’s D200 strong points.

Went out for a hike with the Nikon D200 and shot in black and white. Took about 83 shots and maybe 10 of them were decent.

I did notice that with a wide camera strap (that I made) and a small lens, the D200 is not bad to carry for a couple hours.

Lately I’ve been interested in shooting black and white with some good results with the Panasonic G6 and Nikon D7100. But the results with the D200 are rather disappointing.

Now I was shooting mostly in aperture priority. But the outcome was disappointing no matter what mode I shot in.

Bottom line is I hardly ever shoot with the Nikon D200, because of the weight factor. So maybe the time has come to sell it, but they bring few dollars today. So I might just keep it as a book stand.

A good website to check out on the Nikon D200 is:

Nikon D70 vs Nikon D200 vs Nikon D7100

These pictures of geese show that older Nikon cameras that can be bought cheap these days still take great pictures.

The Nikon D70 came out in 2004.

The Nikon D200 came out in 2005.

The Nikon D7100 came out in 2013.

Now the Nikon D7100 picture looks better with green grass, but if you look at the goose the image is not much better than the other geese IMHO.

If you ask me the Nikon D7100 cmos sensor was just catching up with the Nikon D70 and D200 ccd sensor.

I’ve been tempted to buy a cheap Nikon D700 full frame and finally be enlightened, but those big cameras are heavy.

Yellow trail leads to hell. All photos taken with Nikon D200.

The yellow trail meanders through the woods and eventually splits to a blue overnight trail or a red trail. The red trail completes the loop back to the beginning. The problem with the red trail is it leads to the edge of the interstate and crosses an old railroad bridge that has been paved over. At the old railroad bridge you also have an interstate bridge that goes over a small creek. This area is ridden with trash and graffiti. The outcasts of society pass through this area.

Looking around just to do some forensic archaeology gave me a picture of the outcasts. Drug addicts. The homeless pass through this area and sleep under the bridge. Drink their booze and discard their waste. I tread quietly watching my back and after taking some photos, continue my way back into the woods.

All photos taken with the Nikon D200! Today I set my white balance at 5000k and using AF-S Nikkor 35mm DX 1:1.8G lens.


Nikon D200 photo test on Chicago Schwinn.

Purchased a used Nikon D200 in excellent condition for 109.00 dollars. Shot with a Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens. I sold my Nikon D300 which has the CMOS sensor.. The Nikon D200 has the CCD sensor. The body is magnesium alloy like the Nikon D300. The battery life is poor compared to the Nikon D300. The Nikon D300 seems to be better in low light conditions, neither are great.