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Could cryptocurrency save Lebanon?

Should the citizens of the country Lebanon give the government the middle finger and adopt cryptocurrency? If so, what cryptocurrency would be easy to adopt? Would it really be feasible?

Watching documentaries on the internet of the plight of Lebanon, one thing is certain. The politicians are a bunch of corrupt rats that are robbing the citizens of hope and security. The young are fleeing the country in droves. The Lebanese pound is becoming worthless.

My choice for a cryptocurrency would be Dash. Why Dash? Because Dash has had some real world working success in Columbia and Venezuela. The Dash app really works good and is simple to understand. I’ve tried the Dash app out on Android and found it robust and fast.

Things I like about the Dash app is it only does Dash. It’s developed by Dash.

For the adoption of Dash to work you would need street education and some disposable Dash to seed to those interested. I’m talking about seeding Dash to the people at the bottom. Street vendors, markets stalls and people broke. Being able to barter for the basic necessities of life with crypto.

Under the radar grass roots movement. Get the word out on the street.

Imagine you need to buy rice, beans and soap. Pay the rent. Buy some better rags than the ones you are wearing.

The black market exchanges cash for Dash.

Basically you have a Dash crypto black market. Eventually other cryptos comes into play, but the foundation is built up using Dash.

Desperate times call for different was of thinking to survive.

A solid foundation is needed in Lebanon and cryptocurrency could be the brick and mortar to build that foundation.