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Cryptocurrency or stocks for investing?

Sure we hear all the stories about crypto billionaires and people making fortunes buying crypto. But for the average investor, quality stocks are the less risk investment. Buying top quality USA based companies for your future nest egg is a proven winner. Cryptocurrency is still in the early stages of development and more a gamble. Bitcoin has been around for about 12 years, but go to your local supermarket and try paying for your groceries with bitcoin.

You either believe or you don’t in cryptocurrency. Not saying that you can’t make money playing the cryptocurrency market. But what would you rather be holding, Amazon stock or Bitcoin for your retirement nest egg?

Diversification is probably the smartest play. Make sure you have a solid stock portfolio and set aside some money to put into cryptocurrency if you believe in it.

Now I guess if we bought Bitcoin or Amazon when they first began, we could all pat ourselves on the back for our investing insight.

One way to invest in blockchain technology is by buying stock in companies like IBM, Walmart and other big companies that are using the blockchain technology for future business growth. IBM is developing blockchain technology for business. Walmart is already using blockchain technology for inventory control.

Bottom line is don’t make some crazy bet on the stock or cryptocurrency market expecting to get rich overnight. Do your research and make wise decisions.