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Is Coinbase Pro a good beginner exchange?

My opinion is Coinbase Pro is a very good exchange to learn on. To be a successful trader in either cryptocurrency or the stock market you will have to master how to trade. You need to understand how to place market and limit orders just to name a few. Even if you are not day trading, Coinbase Pro is a better way to buy your coins. You control how much you’re paying and what the fees are. With some apps you can pay to much just for the convenience of pushing a button. Take control.

Setting up an account on Coinbase Pro is pretty straight forward. You will have to prove your identity and give them your banking account information. Coinbase will then make a small deposit to your bank account and then you verify the deposit. Once that is complete you can then transfer money directly from your bank account into your Coinbase Pro account.

My suggestion is start with a small sum, such as 100 dollars and practice trading. Once you learn how to trade, practice how to send coins between your exchange and your hard wallet.

Be patient and enjoy the learning experience. Expect to lose money in your learning process.