Steel Angels in Nicaragua?



Word on the street was that the Steel Angels were rolling into town in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua for a bike rally. Lots of men in military uniforms started to mysteriously arrive in this small seaside town armed with AK-47’s.

About midday the distinct sound of big bore Harleys rumbling through the streets started to drown out the usual daily sounds. Black leather and steel screamed through the side streets (as if to say this is our town tonight.)



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Rivas, Nicaragua.


This is a video of the Parque Central in Rivas, Nicaragua. This town played an important role in Nicaragua’s history. Cornelius Vanderbilt’s company “Accessory Transit” used to use Rivas as a stopping point on its route to ferry goods and passengers during the California’s gold rush.

The town has a big market and it’s worth a look around. They also have the Museum de Antropologia e Historia that is interesting to visit.


The paint is slowly wearing off.


The defeat of Communism.


The horses of Nicaragua.



Walking through the market in Rivas, Nicaragua I came upon a horse terminal in which you can rent the services of these men with their horses. They use horses and oxen’s to haul about anything, but mostly for hauling firewood and fresh milk.
In San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua they will come by your house with fresh milk and you come out with your container and they ladle the amount of fresh milk that you would like to purchase.


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua



I really am enjoying the small town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The people are friendly and they have affordable places to stay and some cheap places to eat. The days are usually not oven baking hot and a nice breeze drifting through my guesthouse windows.

The beach is pretty good for a cool dip, but I guess there are better beaches in nearby towns. There are always plenty of boats anchored off the shore and occasionally a midsize cruise ship will come in for the day.
There are at least 3 ATM machines in town and the Costa Rica border is about an hour away.

Parque central is a quaint place to sit in the evenings and do nothing or have a cold drink.

Granada, Nicaragua.



Well after walking around Granada, Nicaragua for about 4 hours I’ve come to the conclusion that it is one big tourist trap. I took a walk in the back streets of the slums surrounding Granada and did not get a warm reception. But on the main drag the people were pretty polite.

I guess I can’t say this is my type of town. Coming from Leon, Nicaragua it was a disappointment. The walkway going to the Lago de Nicaragua gets pretty lively at night and brings out a lot of people.


Plenty of pricey restaurants if that is your thing.


These taxi drivers were very friendly.


Plenty of churches to visit.


Las Penitas, Nicaragua.


If you happen to be staying in Leon, Nicaragua and need to go to the beach then Las Penitas is about a 40-minute bus ride from Leon. They say it is dangerous swimming here and you should swim with a partner. I just walked around the town and had a look around. Didn’t really see much that caught my fancy.

There is a nature preserve that you can explore.


Walking around town I notices a lot of abandoned houses.