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Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua on 10 dollars per day.

It’s possible to live on the Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua for $10.00 USD per day.



  • Hotel in Altagracia for $90.00 USD per month with shared bath.
  • Breakfast of 2 eggs, beans and rice, tostada and coffee for $2.00 USD
  • Dinner of chicken/fish/pork, rice, salad, plantains and soda for $3.00 USD
  • That gives you $2.00 USD for bottled water and some fruit.

Now the better bet is to find a place to stay with a shared kitchen and then you can really make your food budget stretch. Often I will just have some fruit and sweet bread for breakfast, which usually costs around $1.50 USD.

Some travelers carry a plug in water boiler and cook hardboiled eggs, pasta and make coffee. You can even carry an alcohol stove and cook some simple meals.

Probably a $15.00 USD budget is more practical if you plan on exploring the Island using the local bus system.

Nicaragua is still a budget traveler’s country to explore for adventure.


Breasts and Swords in Costa Rica.

If I were to be killed by someone, then perhaps this young female warrior would be an honorable death for me. San Jose, Costa Rica is a very sexually energized city “you can feel the pulse of the city” walking around. The women dress very scantily and the cruel sex trade is behind closed doors.

This statue is in San Jose, Costa Rica.
It was rather sad for me one night standing outside my hotel in the seedy area of Mercado Central watching (from a distance) a beautiful young female prostitute piss her life away. She could not hold still from the drugs and was smoking a crack pipe while her pimp was trying to get her to flag down vehicles.

You could tell she was of the Mayan descent with her long jet-black hair and facial features. I had the urge to attack her pimp, but I’m no fool. Just watching her I was thinking, “how cruel this world can be” and “why.” She was just one of many who worked her/his trade during the night.

The next night I was returning a Coca Cola bottle for my deposit and passed her on a corner up close and she was all jerky offering me her services. She was beautiful and young as I stole a glance while hurrying back to my hotel. “Where is your family,” I thought? Run….


Playa Santo Domingo (Isla De Ometepe)


If you are staying in Altagracia, Nicaragua then this is a good option for swimming in the lake. The bus ride is 10 Cordoba to Santo Domingo from Altagracia and takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on what the bus is hauling. The roads are pretty bad heading to Santo Domingo and that slows the trip down. They are putting in a new road and lots of construction.

The beach is very clean and you can wade out into the lake and have a nice swim. There are some restaurants and stores to grab some snacks.

Rush hour is a killer, be sure not to fall asleep in the street.