Some animals of Peru, South America.


I love animals and here are some that I encountered in Peru, South America. Often we get along, but sometimes dogs can’t resist to chase a gringo down the road.

This llama was in Kuelap.


This bull and calf came right up to me and allowed me to scratch them.


Bull waiting to board a barge to Iquitos.


Wild looking bull outside the town of Chachapoyas.


Dog in Yurimaguas escaping the midday’s heat.


Horses in Kuelap used to haul tourists up the hill.


A sheep outside the town of Chachapoyas.


Malamute near Huanuco.


Mule outside the town of Chachapoyas.


Old tired dog on the streets of Chiclayo. His/her ears are infested with ticks.


Some pictures around the jungle town of Yurimaguas, Peru.


The sunrise in Yurimaguas, Peru.


They sell these turtles in the market for food. Some are the size of two bowling balls. They strap a piece of wood over the hole where the turtle sticks his head out to keep him trapped and place them upside down. This guy tries to get away, but his destiny was turtle soup. You can also buy turtle eggs for sale in the market.


Parrots are everywhere in the market for sale. You can buy these baby parrots in the market for about $ 2.50 USD. The real big one cost about $7.00 USD.


This bird was for sale in the market. Probably for food?


You can buy monkeys for sale also. But I believe they are illegal to sell. I asked for permission from one guy for a pictures of his monkeys and he said, “no.” Rather mean looking guy, so I respected his denial.

Do you call it exploitation of wildlife or just a way someone makes a living in the jungle? Do you eat chicken or beef?

It’s not easy being a horse in Nicaragua.



I see horses being used everywhere in Nicaragua and sometimes my heart goes out to them. Long days with not much water and dodging traffic on the busy streets. Cheap ropes and chains are the gear they wear.


I took a picture of this horse, because some guy rode by on his bike and slapped it in the face. Many kids are brought up to be cruel to animals here and it seems senseless to be mean for no reason.


The horse seemed very calm and I gave him a good scratch on the ears and rubbed his snout.

Dogs of Central America


Being a animal lover I was often shocked at the treatment of Dogs in Central America. Living in the USA you are so accustomed to seeing dogs living in homes and being pampered. Eventually you get callous to seeing dogs in rough shape and abused in Central America. Now I must add that not all dogs are treated bad. Many have loving homes, but travel in Central America and decide for yourself.

First the bad.

Found this one lying in a Guatemala Market. Looked like he was in a fight.


Stray dogs can overrun a town. Many towns resort to poisoning. This was in Flores, Guatemala.


Dogs can spend their entire lives on roofs providing security.


Bad case of Mange in Guatemala.


This doberman I found in Monterrico, Guatemala. It had ticks all over it. I bought some tick shampoo and gave it a bath. I also bought some food for it. The owner of a resort had decided to let it die, because he had to many dogs. The guy was a real ass. I finally gave up in disgust and left.


Now the good!

Hey, a happy dog in Panama. This dog lived at a hostel and was very well treated.


Curious black one in Guatemala.


Siesta time in Panama.


Taking it easy in Guatemala on the sidewalk.