Donkey power in Peru, South America.

donkey power 2

donkey power 3


Photos were taken near Canete, Peru.


The warm and peaceful town of Cañete is located just one and a half hour to the south of Lima (144 km) and serves, for tourists, primarily as a gateway to Lunahuaná District.

Atlantis (An Ecological Community)

atlantis home

atlantis homePassionately vegetarian, atheists, very left-wing and don’t like visitors to tell them how to live their life. You are welcome to visit them in the mountains of Colombia, South America and stay as long as you like. You will have to work very hard helping them in the garden that supplies them with all their food.

Travelers paradise does not exist.

travelers paradise

Until you find peace within, your search will continue in disappointment. The secret is on the next page to find paradise.



Camouflage is important for survival in the jungle.

frog leaf

frog leaf

Animals depend on their ability to blend into the surrounding jungle environment in Iquitos, Peru. Blending into the surrounding foliage allows animals the ability to hunt and hide themselves from predators.