The oldest University in the Americas is located in Lima, Peru.

university_san_marcos_2The National University of San Marcos was charted on May 12, 1551. Yesterday I attended a conference on using new technology in tourism at the National University of San Marcos. Very beautiful was my first thought on passing through the enormous castle like doors. The old timber “dark varnished” roof joists and elaborate gardens were the two items that had me gazing around and dreaming. “What if I had a home like this,” I thought to myself.

It was about 6:00 in the evening in Central, Lima and the sun was disappearing fast. Plus the conference was getting ready to start. So I snapped a few pictures and made my way into the beautiful conference room and found myself a seat.

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Drug addiction overseas. Travel gone bad.

cocaineHardcore drug addiction is easy in the land of cheap cocaine. By easy I mean “easy to get hooked.” I’ve seen a few homeless gringos living on the dirty streets of Lima, Peru South America. The best is they overdose and game over. The worst is a life of theft, prison and misery.

Usually they are young traveling kids that come from good upper middle class income families. They experiment with cocaine and then “BAM” they got themselves a serious habit. The money keeps flowing from mommy and daddy for awhile. But the burn rate of the travel funds arouses suspicion and the truth is revealed. Young Johnny or Susie is a cocaine junkie. Ride them cowboy.

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Peruvian Pepper Tree

The Peruvian pepper tree (Shinus Molle) can be used as a natural mosquito repellent. Hiking in the town of Antioquia, … Read more