San Pedro (Lago de Atitlan)


San Pedro is the party spot around Lago de Atitlan. Climb volcano’s , kayak, horseback riding and etc….

The Main Dock


The main dock looking back


Big foot is where to go for climbing volcanoes

Caza Suenos a fine leather shop (world famous)

They makes fine custom shoes and cloths


Local church on top of town


You will find a local market above the town.



Hatha Yoga (San Marco’s, Lago de Atitlan)



The instructors name is “Paola” and she is very knowlegable in Hatha Yoga. If you are a beginner its no problem since she keeps a steady pace. She starts with the basics and throws in some advanced positons for the more advanced students. The price is 30 Q if you would like to contribute or as much as you can afford. The sessions last about 2 hrs.

Just follow the Trail.


Your there.



Casa Sosa (Quetzaltenango)

Spacious, economic bedrooms in a family home & a great atmosphere.
Maria Ulin de Sosa
10a Calle “A” 20-67, zona 1. Quetzaltenango
Please call: 7761-6682, 54321587-59447438Prices:

  • 1 day 30 Q
  • 1 week 175 Q
  • 1 month 700 Q

Prices with meals included:

  • 1 day 60 Q 3 meals
  • 1 week 350 Q 3 meals per day
Located in western Guatemala in the city of Quetzaltenango or simply Xela(shay-lah). You will find this lovely family home. If you decide to stay with the family. You will get your own room. There is a shared bathroom in the court yard outside with hot shower. You will have no access to the kitchen. The familly is currently trying to get enough money together to build a guest kitchen.

The home is located about a 15 minute walk from Parque CentroAmerica. The neighborhood is very safe. Many Spanish students stay here.

If you decide to have the family cook for you. This is the kitchen you will eat in. The mother of the house is a very good cook. You will eat with the family. She says her prayers before each meal.

Bottom line: The price is right and you can’t beat the price of 350 Q for one week including meals. Now if you need to cook your own meals then best to find a house with a shared kitchen.Pros:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Hot Showers
  • Good price


  • Currently no shared kitchen
  • Can’t do your laundry at the house


Weaving School in Guatemala

Teixchel (Weaving School)

(Lago de Atitlan, San Pedro)
Location: Head straight up the road from the Panajachel dock. On your right-side.
Price: 15 Q per hour (about $2.00 US dollars) plus materials.The owner and instructors name is Berta. She can teach you the Mayan art of tejido(weaving). I began my instruction making a scarf and it’s time consuming (20 hours). I would recommend doing several smaller projects, so you can master all of the different steps of the basic setups. Just transferring your yarn/thread to different tools is complicated for the beginner. I actually bought some tools(5 dollars) and took the time consuming scarf project home. Berta sells all the supplies if you are interested in buying them.

The first step of my scarf project. You choose your colors and width and then wrap it around this jig. Then you transfer the thread to a different set of tools.

You see that stick she is holding in her hand. That is one of the difficult things you need to learn. Wrapping a nylon string around each individual thread to keep them separate. Then on the other end of the scarf there is a similar setup.

Give it a try!


Moon Fish Cafe (San Marcos)

Located on the shores of Lago De Atitlan In (San Marcos)

For a great cup of coffee with a million dollar view stop by at the “Moon Fish Cafe”. Overlooking Lago De Atitlan you can get a cup of cafe con leche for 6 Q. Now I hear they do have good food. But since my meal today is of tomato’s from street vendor I can only say the Moon Fish Cafe has good coffee. I did hear a coffee grinder once I placed my order. So they use fresh beans.

Now is this view worth a 1 us dollar cup of coffee? I think yes!

Old Belize

Museum admission: 10 US dollars
Swimming admission: 5 US dollars

Nothing old about it. Great place to park your million dollar yacht if you have one. This is basically a marina that has a 10 US dollar jungle museum, 5 US dollar swimming hole and a overpriced restaurant. I looked around for about 10 minutes and caught a bus back downtown. Now I heard the Museum was suppose to be good. The big slide into the swimming hole could be some fun.

Looks like a good and secure location to park your boat. They have security guards patrolling the area.



North front Street Guest House in Belize


Price: 10 US dollars

Location: 124 N Front St (just blocks away from the swing bridge). All the buses let you off at the swing bridge. Water Taxis are here to take you to the Cayes.

The North Front Street Guest House is a landmark location to park your weary body. The people are friendly and the rooms are secure. Clean shared cold water showers are downstairs. The rooms just have a bed and fan. Nice location to explore the real Belize and meet the locals. There are a couple of restaurants near by and a small store across the street to buy drinks and snacks.

Nice little porch to people watch and chat with the locals.

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