Cast iron skillet works better than a non-stick Teflon.

Plus the cast iron skillet does not release harmful chemicals.

(This excerpt taken from Wikipedia)

“Scientific studies show that Teflon is stable and nontoxic, it begins to deteriorate after the temperature of cookware reaches about 260 °C (500 °F), and decomposes above 350 °C (662 °F). These degradation by-products can be lethal to birds, and can cause flu-like symptoms in humans.”

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Peace Pilgrim

peace pilgrim

From 1953 to 1981 a lady walked 25,000 miles for peace. She vowed to remain a wanderer until mankind learned the way of peace. She walked until shelter and food was given. Never asking or begging.

You can download a copy of her book free on her website. The english pdf download is on the bottom of this page.

She passed away in 1981.

Traveling with a parent with Alzheimer

My thinking is “Go for It!” My recommendation would be sticking in the developing world of Central America. Guatemala is an excellent choice. You might be wondering why I consider Guatemala a good choice? Because I have witnessed a son traveling with his father on the shores of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala.

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The true cost of living in Lima, Peru.



Lots of foreigners speculate what it would cost to live in Lima, Peru. It is true you can live very cheap in Peru, South America. But living in Lima can increase your expenses by a good percentage.

Here is a rough break down of renting an apartment for 1 month. This is just a small 2 bed apartment with a simple electric hot water shower. Simple apartments do not have hot water. You need to buy an electric heater and have it installed. Most cheap apartments do not have cabinets, so that is another expense.

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