Nikon D70 vs Nikon D200 vs Nikon D7100

These pictures of geese show that older Nikon cameras that can be bought cheap these days still take great pictures.

The Nikon D70 came out in 2004.

The Nikon D200 came out in 2005.

The Nikon D7100 came out in 2013.

Now the Nikon D7100 picture looks better with green grass, but if you look at the goose the image is not much better than the other geese IMHO.

If you ask me the Nikon D7100 cmos sensor was just catching up with the Nikon D70 and D200 ccd sensor.

I’ve been tempted to buy a cheap Nikon D700 full frame and finally be enlightened, but those big cameras are heavy.

Tennessee Old Homestead Photos

Some pictures I took using the Nikon D7100. The lens was AF-P Nikkor 10-20mm DX VR. Lots of old tractors being restored.

Stray dog that roamed in and decided to call the place home.

This dog is another stray and has been at the house many years. All the dogs that come to stay are very well behaved.