Cooking with cow manure, plus photos of quinoa.

Visiting friends in the mountains of Peru, South America I’m always reminded of the olden days that still exist in some parts of the world. Like watching a lady start a fire in a clay oven with wood and cow manure. She does have a gas stove, but she seems to prefer the clay oven with a piece of irregular metal over the top. She can light a fire under 1 minute and put together a simple meal faster than a tire change in a formula one race.


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Oxapampa, Peru.

Oxapampa, Peru was founded by German settlers in the 19th century. The ride to Oxapampa takes about 10 hours by bus from Lima, Peru. The trip goes high into the freezing mountains before dropping down into the warmer climates.

Fruit market. Good melons.

Originally the German settlers built beautiful wooden homes. Slowly Oxapampa is being converted into the typical square cement ugly buildings found in the capital of Lima. So you need to head toward Pozuzo about 3 hours away deeper into the bush to escape.

But still Oxapampa has the surrounding mountains and a pretty nice climate except in the 4 month rainy season. Basically Oxapampa is surrounded by a cloud forest.

The small town offers a nice market by a river flowing through town and the central park is alright for kicking back and checking out ass. Some decent restaurants and coffee shops will keep you happy for a week.

Property prices are inflated by Gringos and Peruvians from Lima. Unfinished Gringo projects fill the Realtor walls of love gone sour. So maybe you can pick up a McMansion on the cheap.

Hiking in the cloud forests are best taken with a lover. Plenty of winding creek hidden corners to hump your lover in. No need to hold back. Howl like wolves on all fours when the orgasm finally comes.

Not so many tourists make it to Oxapampa. So you won’t feel like a zoo animal. Worth a 1 week trip and then move on.

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Old brick factory in Peru, South America.

This is how they still make bricks in Peru. This factory is no longer in use, but they just stack them tight and seal them tight in this giant kiln. Usually the kiln is heated with wood.


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How overpopulation is effecting land prices in Peru, South America.

land_rush_peru_1Cheap land for sale in Peru, South America?

Would you buy a piece of land in the desert with no water, no electricity and no title? Plus the land contract states you must begin to build a cement block house within 30 days of purchase. The price of property in Lima, Peru has forced people to purchase what was once considered inhospitable land.

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The oldest University in the Americas is located in Lima, Peru.

university_san_marcos_2The National University of San Marcos was charted on May 12, 1551. Yesterday I attended a conference on using new technology in tourism at the National University of San Marcos. Very beautiful was my first thought on passing through the enormous castle like doors. The old timber “dark varnished” roof joists and elaborate gardens were the two items that had me gazing around and dreaming. “What if I had a home like this,” I thought to myself.

It was about 6:00 in the evening in Central, Lima and the sun was disappearing fast. Plus the conference was getting ready to start. So I snapped a few pictures and made my way into the beautiful conference room and found myself a seat.

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