Mushrooms, lizard and a dead bird.

These photos were taken with the Nikon 105mm AF 1:2.8 D Micro lens. Shooting macro with a 5.6 aperture for this lens seems to work the best for me. Handheld and manual focus.

This is a very large cauliflower fungi (below) that I picked. Very very large (close to two pounds wet.) Ate some for lunch and dried the rest for soups and stews.

This was my lunch of tomatoes, cauliflower fungi, ants (for flavor), and chicken of the woods. Have you ever heard that fungi is from another planet and the spores can handle the heat (high temperatures) when entering our planet’s atmosphere? That’s why the spores can survive entering our planet from space. Once you eat the mushrooms/fungi, they can communicate to you. It’s true. That cauliflower fungi above contacted me and told me where to find it. But you need to be really focused on your quest to find them. The fungi can sense when you are looking for them. Sometimes they don’t reveal themselves.

The curious lizard secretly checking me out. The lizard is usually sunbathing on the bridge. Long shot and had to do some serious cropping. Need a longer lens for fast creatures.

This bird hit the window today. Second one of the year to die. I believe he/she only had one good eye.