Nikon 105mm AF 1:2.8 D Micro (Nikon D7100)

These photos are all hand held. Plus 4 cups of coffee. Just learning how to shoot macro. The Nikon 105mm AF 1:2.8 D Micro is a well-built lens. The lens came out in 1990. So it is an oldie but goodie treasure. Aye matey, ye all have to peel it from my slimy hands.

This is the best photo so far of this cicada a few days later after this post. Hand held. Enhanced in Apple photos. Light, color and sharpening.

It’s built like a tank and heavy on the back. But it’s worth the pain. I mounted the lens to my trusty Nikon D7100. Went tramping through my local woods and slowly took 280 photos. Most of them were dismal, but a few were barely keepers.

I went from auto-focus to manual. Then back to auto-focus, due to the fact I was hopped up on eight o’clock coffee. Probably will give the old tripod a whirl. Maybe an ant/insect photo shoot in the flower bed some day.

But, mostly I shoot on the fly. So overall I’m having some fun with this new lens. It’s a beater. Been around the block a few times. Probably dropped a couple time. The lens filter ring was bent. So I tapped the dent out with a wooden dowel and the lens filter screwed on pretty smooth.

Bought it on It was priced as a well used. Just has a little dust and maybe a speck of mold (OH MY God.) Say your prayers to the mold gods!

Burp. Excuse me.

The lens weighs almost 20 ounces. But, I don’t mind if I can get some good photos. The lens is FX, so on the Nikon D7100 DX camera, the reach is around 157mm.

False death cap below? Not sure.