The 39 dollar lens and my broken dreams…

Of finding a cheap macro lens. I’ve heard some people find dreams in a cheap lens. Unfortunately those dreams can end in tears.

Ziggy Stardust plays in the background as I type this article of defeat. 

But my friends and enemies… listen! Buy as many lenses as you can afford in this lifetime! Life is short and better to taste defeat than sitting on the couch dreaming of that Leica lens found at the garage sale for 20 bucks.

Because even cheap lenses can capture memories. 

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80mm 1:3.3-5.6 G. No vibration reduction! I abuse coffee, so “no” vibration reduction poses a problem. So, I shoot at a minimum shutter speed of 125 on this gem. 39.00 dollars plus tax. The lens was mounted on the Nikon D7100.

One thing that is nice about this lens, is it’s really lite! Like bud light, without the balls to weigh you down.

I came across some fungi! Chicken of the woods. I sliced a piece off, gently, with my case knife and let the rest to mature. Got home and sauteed in some butter, in a cast-iron skillet. Rye bread. Prayer to the poison God. Delicious. I’m still alive. 

On a hike a few days ago, sitting on some cliffs, under a pine tree. I watched wasps and bumble bees go about their lives. Free without humans (except for me.) I thought, “earth is better off without humans.” We don’t fit in on this planet. Are we an accident?