Old tech is great tech.

Apple’s Photos application is really an easy way to organize and edit photos. One can develop an easy workflow once you get the hang of how the application works. Currently, I’m using version 5.0 on my 2012 MacMini. I can’t notice much of a difference from version 7.0 on my 2020 MacBook Air.

The photos are from a hike I took yesterday. Had my Panasonic G6 with the Lumix G Vario 14-42/F3.5-5.6 II, which makes for a very light kit. Walked up on a couple of deer taking a nap and tried to get a couple decent shots. Mostly out to get some exercise.

Yesterday, I installed Kubuntu in the 2012 MacMini and as much as I like Linux, I’m spoiled by the seamless workflow of the MacOS. Plus, I find the MacOS is easier on my eyes. So with my Time Machine backup, I just restored the Mini and went back to business as usual. I will admit running a hacked version of Catalina does slightly bother me. I keep telling myself I’m going back to Linux full time. 

An underground movement is happening now. Old technology is becoming the new technology. Once discarded to the dump or thrift shops. People are thinking, “hey, some of that old tech works better, or it is good enough.” Such as old ccd sensor cameras. Some of the latest mirrorless cameras produce a “to clean” look. No soul. The camera’s feel like expensive junk. Cruising around camera forums, I’m picking up that vibe.

Definitely with these old Apple computers, people are getting fed-up with Apple dictating the expiration date of their machine. The MacMini was ahead of its time. Like the VW bug. Dependable and cute. The MacMini still lives on, but the new MacMini has lost some of its soul. Good day!