Cryptocurrency being forced to decentralize to survive?

Cryptocurrency will start to enter the black market phase as the banking industry tries to control it. These are my opinions. You can’t trust Coinbase. Kraken is being bullied around. Binance is going to be thrown out of the USA, which is fine with me. I never personally liked Binance. Binance is no more criminal than Wall Street.

Ever since, Coinbase dropped XRP and booted Russians off their exchange and recently suspended Binance USD (BUSD). I thought, “how is crypto any different from the stock market?” We know who wants to control crypto. There is no freedom in crypto. Bitcoin is “almost” controlled by Wall Street thugs now.

Kraken recently suspended staking on their platform after the SEC kicked their doors down and fleeced them for 30 million. All made to look like some legal shakedown. Play by our rules or we will shut your doors, was the hidden message..

Having your crypto in a private wallet has never been more important.

Personally, I think selling your crypto at exchanges will become more difficult. Don’t be surprised when you are meeting sellers and buyers at flea markets and trading in back alleys. This is what I meant by the black market phase. You ever travel to a third world country and exchange money outside a bank? Like in Peru, South America, you can exchange on the street to get a better rate than the local bank. Black market exchanges.

Privacy coins will become more popular just to keep prying eyes out of your personal business.

Cryptocurrency being forced to decentralize? Exchanges must become decentralized to survive?

Recently I was experimenting with Monero and what a pain in the ass it is to really conceal your identity. Without a fast internet connection, how can you download the complete block chain in under a lifetime? And that’s the only way to be sure of not being tracked!

Take a hard look at FTX. Was FTX a political donation ponzi scheme from the beginning? Do you think Sam Bankman-Fried will do hard time? CZ of Binance took out FTX. Probably exposed the fraud by accident. Now his (Binance) stable coin is getting the boot.

Gold, ammo and liquor might be a good long-term investment?