Transportation for the poor to fight the wars.

What was I thinking when I took this picture of the hummer? Definitely that this is a cool vehicle. Then when I wrote the title to the blog, I thought, it’s just a vehicle for the poor to fight the wars.

I often rode in these vehicles many times during my time in the USMC. Often times during training I would see a Marine driven around in a hummer with his pants pulled down and a thermometer sticking out his ass. You might say, “paraded in front of the battalion” for failing to complete a march during training. Oh how I loathed the USMC, but I signed on the dotted line, so had to do my time.

The military–industrial complex was not even registered in my brain. I was a complete idiot. Interestingly, slowly, I realized the way the rich elite use our children to start useless wars around the world. Maybe in the last 3 years I had this realization. Yeah, I guess I’m rather slow.

I look at the crime of war happening now in Ukraine and it just disgusts me. All soldiers should just refuse to fight and go have a beer. You might say have a world mutiny against the “so called” elite. Calling them elite is really doing humanity a disservice. We should call them ignorant and greedy. Thats who they really are.

But I must admit the Nikon D70 can take some good pictures.