Dementia is a Bitch. Opening in a theatre of war near you. Soon!

But eventually the bully gets his ass kicked. Why is the USA being a bitch to the world? Seems to be some ingrained doctrine at the Pentagon. I mean these pencils pushers need to start wars. Can the modern USA soldier fight in a dress? I’m not sure, but they won’t have to worry about pissing their pants.

USA troops in Ukraine? Coming soon when the last Ukraine soldiers dies freezing in the trenches. USA has some new rainbow uniforms on order from China coming in soon. You do realize Putin is going to get smart and light the big one soon. Probably some low burst eye melter.

Zelenskyy should find it amusing sitting under an olive tree in Israel. Any day now Ukraine is going to take back that territory lost.

Europe will be in trenches for the next 30 years with all the weapons stolen and sold on the rainbow black market.

China and Russia win.