Real de Catorce (Mexico)

Discover an old silver mining town in the Sierra de Catorce mountain range of Mexico. Make sure you bring some warm clothing and heavy boots to explore one of the highest plateaus in Mexico. I explored this region in December and it was downright chilly during the day and “extra blankets” cold during the night.


Fascinating to walk around and explore the old abandon buildings dotted throughout the mountain sides.


You can enter some shallow mines in the hillsides and take a quick peek. Lots of old abandoned rail cars strewn throughout Real de Catorce. The locals offer reasonably priced horseback tours of the area and you might consider seeing the area that way.


Many long dark tunnels to peer into.


Watch out for these ventilation shafts throughout the area as you explore. Usually they have a fence around them, but one slip and it’s a long drop to the bottom.


There is an assortment of restaurants and hotels (I stayed here) to choose from. I remember one coffee shop that had a movie projected onto a stonewall and offered popcorn for your pleasure.