Glock 23 .40 Caliber (Language the criminals understand)

Young Yale University female student murdered and stuffed in workplace crawl space. Whoever committed that crime does not understand “NO”. What they do understand or you can teach them to understand is your personal self-defense handgun does not discriminate against people that are out to harm you. Stop your actions or meet your maker! Simple as that.


A Glock handgun will win no beauty contest. It will win a easy maintenance and easy to fire self-defense handgun contest.

What’s great about a Glock is it does not have a traditional safety.  If you pull the trigger all the way, the handgun will fire and send a loud “no” to whoever is intent on harming you. Seconds count and fumbling for a safety release can be the difference between life and death. The trigger pull takes some getting use to, because the safety is built into the trigger. As you slowly pull the trigger you will feel a little more distance until the weapon discharges from a conventional weapon. That distance gives you the opportunity to concentrate on aligning your sights on the target. We are aiming for a “one shot , one kill” or “one shot, one badly discouraged bad person”. Easily achievable with the proper training.


The Glock 23 is a very compact gun.

When I served in the United States Marine Corps we carried the Colt 45. No doubt a beautiful weapon. But I never liked shooting it. The Glock 23 shoots very smooth and does not have a intimidating recoil.
Half the parts than a conventional pistol. Less things to break.
You can field strip it in 10 seconds. Virtually maintenance free.
Simple sights. Align the front and back sights and slowly pull the trigger.

Would she of had enough time to engage her killer? Maybe. Would her killer of thought twice about attacking her, knowing she was a lawful gun carrier exercising her 2nd amendment.