Specialized Allez Sport 2019 Road Bike

Bought this Specialized road bike used from a dealer.

Comes with Axis rims. The stock tires are not the best. Eventually I installed some Gatorskin continental tires that really improved the ride.

The carbon forks were recalled for this 2019 model and the bike shop replaced them free.

The bike is pretty easy to work on with just some basic tools. One can easily adjust the derailleurs.

The components are Sora and this is a 18 speed.

I like mountain bike pedals and shoes. Lots of times I’ll push my bike through fields to avoid busy roads. Bought a fancy helmet, but I enjoy just wearing a bike cap better.

Pretty comfortable ride and it looks good too.

Replaced the stock seat with another specialized seat that fit me better.

Brakes work good, but don’t expect instant stopping power. Pay attention and brake early.

Coming from a 30 year old Schwinn, this bike feels like a Ferrari to me! Definitely easier on the body. Aluminum frame and carbon forks. This bike model sold for 1000.00 dollars plus tax new. Look around and you can find some good used ones to save some bucks.