Reflections was the theme of the day out with the Nikon D70.

Mostly these pictures are of reflections off the water. Plus some birds and random photos. I was using the AF-S Nikkor 55-200 mm lens with VR. When I was shooting the geese, I set the AF-area mode on closest subject. I was having a hard time focusing in on the geese and birds. I batch cropped the photos in Gimp so the quality is reduced on purpose. Movie at bottom of page show the photos with better resolution.

Now I will admit on this photo I enhanced the color in Gimp to bring out the blue sky more.

Love the dark burgundy color of this leaf.

I think this is a duck house. But I’ve never seen any animal use it


The D70 did pretty good on focusing on the tip of the thorn.

Grass with nice reflection off water.



A small overhang that supports this giant pine tree.

The geese know me pretty well and continue to sleep.

Chickadee dive bombing for the black oil sunflower seeds.  Nikon D300 does better job of moving birds. But I like the grainy look of this photo. Reminds me of film.

More chickadees in motion.

Water with an unusual color. Like a silver shimmer on the surface. Nikon D70 sensor magic.

Water effect again, but more pronounced. Silver effect.

Movie with all the photos. Rendered in mp4 format. I use kdenlive to make my movies. I like the webm format, but mp4 works with the Ipad.