Nikon D70 6MP shootout. Old school is New school. Paid 49.00 dollars.

So I bought a Nikon d70 digital camera online for 49.00 dollars. No tax and free shipping. FedEx. Slap me.

Plus it only had around 4100 shutter clicks. Poor thing.

Give me photos that are not perfect. Give me wrinkles. A good brie on sour dough toast that I made myself. A straight jacket that has padded elbows. A good artisan soap that gets soggy in the soap dish. You know?

This was a long shot across a lake.

My god I think there is dirt on the sensor. I noticed it on a sky shot. But not bad for a camera that was introduced in 2004. Plus I can clean the sensor. Imagine that. Sensor cleaning kit would probably cost more than the camera?

I’m starting to believe trees have faces.

The days were rainy and slightly chilly. I drank some decaf coffee to pause my brain. I had a day pass from the asylum. And really decaf coffee should be outlawed. It’s a sin. Like drinking parrot shit. I’ve made it 4 days without real coffee. Then this one day with decaf. Sad. Sad day trying to keep the truck in my lane to the park. Sleeping in the parking lot at 7am in morning. I woke up and ate a banana. The ranger looked concerned.

You can buy a Nikon Z7 mirrorless kit for around 4000.00 dollars. Joke of the year if you have not heard. I think this Nikon d70 might outperform it even wearing a straight jacket. Pushing the shutter button with my tongue. Nikon Z7 fanboys and girls looking for the comment section now. Bastard.

Our fate like this tree. You shall fall. Gods going to cut you down. Johnny Cash.

Now this sensor is the expensive CCD which was supposedly costly to manufacture. Like building the space shuttle over budget type expensive.

Any flaws the camera has is obviously my skills. No excuse the camera is perfect. Nikon Z7 credit card debtors sweating it out. Surely no.

Old Nikon FE that is waiting on a light seal kit. Maybe one day it will shoot again?

Took this shot of deer from my truck. Cropped heavily.

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Falls creek falls.


Lot of rain in Tennessee.


Fighting wordpress on inserting pics.

What if the perfect camera was engineered. Pictures so flawless that you attempted to poke you finger into the photo to see if it was real. What fun would that be?

What’s cool about the Nikon d70 is the sound. It’s addictive. Shutter speed is just right. You can think between shots. Not like pulling a trigger on a 50 caliber and your looking for the target through the smoke. The small led display is 1.8 inches. You don’t need the display, because the exposure is dead on target. This is a 6 megapixel camera. The Nikon D70 is about the same size as the Nikon D300, but 8oz lighter. Nikon D70 is a carry all day without bitching. Both the D70 and D300 have a robust build even though the D70 is plastic. It feels like magnesium plastic. Battery life is lovely jubbly.

I bought mine here