Images around San Jose, Costa Rica

Traveling in San Jose, Costa Rica I took a lot of photos and these are some of my favorite I took. San Jose is a pretty friendly budget travel destination. You can eat pretty cheap there and find budget accommodations to fit the backpacker budget.

This was taken outside a preschool.


Old train on display at the train museum.


I found this train museum in my Lonely Planet guide book.


The train museum is located in a run down section of San Jose.


Interesting looking fire hydrant.


This statue of Jesus was taken in a very religious neighborhood. The church was surrounded in fence and security bars. Reminded me of a prison.


Old Johnnie Walker sign above a abandoned building.


You might have a certain image in your head of what Costa Rica is, but like everywhere else they have the ugly side. Most casinos in San Jose, Costa Rica are really high end prostitution rings. San Jose is the sex trade capitol of Central America.


Best place to have a great budget travel meal is the Mercado Central. If you like cows tongue, seafood dishes, meat or vegetarian meals. You will find it in Mercado Central.


Neat statues of people.