Casio Ex-V8 3rd world ghetto camera. Paid 4 dollars on ebay.

Sometimes I just want a camera that the thieves can steal without me giving a damn. The kind that I can walk in the ghetto and the hustlers have a better camera than me.

It has a sliding cover that reveals the lens and flash. Also, the sliding cover turns the camera on and off. Camera is made of metal!

So I bought a Casio Ex-V8 on ebay for 4 dollars. The shipping was around 8 dollars. So I guess it’s really a 12 dollar camera.

Here is a video of some shots taken with it. I’m into half ass videos lately.


The camera is about 10 years old. Has a 8MP ccd sensor. The pictures come out pretty good. Video works the best close to the subject.

Is it worth 4 dollars? If it gets stolen I do believe it’s worth every penny.