I tried to save you my friend

Unfortunately you passed away before my eyes. Riding my bicycle one day I came across you in the road. I thought you were just stunned and placed you in the bushes out of harms way. The next day I came to check on you and there you sat beside the road. We made eye contact and you let out a sweet “cheep”. Placing you in my bike bag I road as fast as I could to get you home.

Placing you in a clean box with a soft towel, water and food. You seemed content and drank. The night came and the lightning cracked and I was sure you left this earth. The next morning early I peeked under the blanket and there you stood breathing. My heart rejoiced.

You fought, but the odds were against you. I watched you fight to survive and then suddenly you were gone. I’m sorry. The world is a tough place for a little bird.

The little Nuthatch just died in this photo. He/she still looks alive.

Your buried in my backyard beside a little pine tree.

Rest in peace!