Turtles need our help.

So far this season I have rescued 5 turtles crossing busy roads in Tennessee. By rescue I mean placing them on the other side of the road in the direction they were heading. That makes me feel slightly good, but I’ve counted 19 dead on the road this season.

I’ve read up some on boxer turtles and here are some interesting facts:

  • Boxer turtles lay eggs at around 10 years of age.
  • Boxer turtles usually spend their life on 2 to 10 acres of land where they hatched.
  • Boxer turtles removed from their birth place will wander aimlessly until they die.

So if you find a turtle in the road. Just place the turtle on the other side of the road in the direction the turtle is heading. Seems that is all we can do. Don’t take the turtle and relocate it far from it’s home.

I’ve noticed some turtles that reach the other side of the road and can’t climb over the curb. So the turtles follow the curb until it either finds an opening or falls in a storm drain. Curbs are a good place to scan for turtles when you are driving.

Above all be careful when you rescue turtles. Find a safe place to turn around and pull over. Then look both ways when crossing the road to place the turtle out of the way.

Seems as people are buying bigger SUVs it’s making turtles survival harder. Plus the loss of habitat. Maybe in the future smart cars might be able to navigate around small animals. My fear is the turtles might not see the future.