Adobe village in Santa Catalina, Peru. Plus chickens in fashion.


The long winding road up to the village.

Though no hobbits live here, the village of Santa Catalina has that feeling. The feeling of maybe I’ll run into a hobbit. Quaint adobe homes with odd doors and unorthodox stairs. Chickens roaming free in the high Andes mountains of Peru.

Dreams can come true.


Small hydroelectricity plants power the town during the night. Sun provides the light during the day. Yes satellite television is available here. Some modern conveniences have arrived. Yet you still feel likeĀ  Santa Catalina is original. Not spoiled yet by modern society.

Old horse in the pasture.


You won’t find a giant grocery store, but just small tiendas selling the basics. Eggs can be purchased here and there. Fresh water flows from the mountain streams.

This is the old school house. All adobe.


Adobe is amazing. Perfect for cold mountain climates. Cement is horrible in the mountains.


Night reveals the stars peeking down upon the sleepy village. During the day Santa Catalina is mostly deserted as people work in the fields.

Now this house had me looking for hobbits. Interesting stone stairs.


This door must have some tales to tale. That is a turkey.


Don’t be surprised to meet elderly folks in their 90s stomping about the mountain running the daily errands.

Dog eating a cow leg.


This dog stole my chair.


Down the mountain you have the hot medicinal springs of Collpa. Maybe that is the secret to these mountains. During my visit to the medicinals springs I met many Santa Catalina locals visiting the baths.

Now this chicken had the best hairdo in the village.


Waiting for the salon to open.


There is a small hospedaje in the village.


Flower pots and adobe houses await you.