Medicinal hot springs Collpa, Peru.

Do you believe in the power of healing mineral water or maybe you just like sitting in a nice hot bath. Either way Peru offers many hot springs to try and they say Collpa’s water is the best for healing your sick body. Stories abound of people that have been cured of their ills.
Getting to Collpa is tough. First you go to the town of Huaral that is 3 hours North of Lima from Peru by bus. Huaral has gone to shit, because they put a prison in the town. So watch your back at night. Then you take a shared taxi (20 Nuevo Soles per person) or van to Collpa up a crazy dirt mountain road for 3 hours. Pick your driver wisely, because the trip is treacherous and some young macho drivers haul ass. Also you might want to pay extra and only have 3 people in the back seat of the taxi. They jam them full and uncomfortable for 3 hours.

The hot springs are very small. Only one hotel at the moment. Two others are being built. One restaurant. Limited (8) private baths and one big pool which fills up very slowly (3 days after cleaning).

Typical private bath. There is one that is bigger.


The hotel is adobe, which is great, because it gets cold at night. Hotel runs about 40 Nuevo soles for two per night. Uncomfortable beds which makes the hot springs that much nicer. Friendly staff and good food in restaurant. Hot springs cost 3 Nuevo soles for about 30 minutes. You feel rushed here, because everyone is waiting their turn.

Here is the complete complex. The yellow orange building (white roof) is hotel and restaurant. There is another hotel (red roof) that is almost complete, but having water problems. Seems like wacky construction job. The private hot baths are housed in the little building between big pool and yellow orange building. Not very big.


Water is hot (45 Celsius) in some private baths and others it is luke warm. The big pool which finally filled up half way while I was there is luke warm.

The big pool slowly filling up. New hotel going up in background. Problem here is not much hot water for the baths. Land costs about 100.00 US dollars a square meter in the vicinity of the hot springs. Electricity only at night.


You can walk up to a quaint village above the springs and check out an adobe village.

Then just hiking in general. There is gold in the mountains. Lots of it. Bring a shovel. But I think finding the gold is the hard part.

Someone said that is an old gold mine. Gold baby gold!!!


The water flowing off the mountain is stained with gold? Gold baby gold!!! Son of bitch got GOLD!!!


The water is great for cleaning your intestines out. Guaranteed to put you on the toilet for the big clean out.



Overall good experience. Travel on the weekdays. Sundays are packed. Stay away holidays. Bring warm clothes, snacks and money. No bank. Long walk out.

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