The truth about 3rd world dental savings.

If you pay what the locals are paying it is probably poor quality. The guarantee ends when you walk out the door.


Really you can save money on dental in the third world and there are good dentists. You just have to search real hard to find a good dentist.

The wealthy in the 3rd world most likely go to a good dentist. That is where you want to go. You can save close to ½ off your dental bill. Plus if you pay cash you will get a discount.

A simple cavity fixed for 30.00 dollars? Probably is poor quality. Yet getting the latest cerec 3D cad cam porcelain treatment for 228.00 dollars is where the better deal is. Plus the work comes with a real guarantee.

How to find a good dentist? Ask the expats! Browse online expat forums is a good way.

Don’t get all your work done in the first sitting. Have one cavity fixed and then wait for one week.