Papaya Playa (Tulum) Mexico

Cost: 200 peso (18 US dollars) Single

Location: You will need to take a cab for 30-40 pesos. Take a right on the coastal Road and it the 2nd driveway on the left.

Papaya playa has an excellent beach and the cabanas are comfortable. They offer a restaurant and a neat bar area. The staff are friendly and they offer good security. They offer a clean shared bath area and they run a generator at night from dusk till 11:00 pm for a light in your room. They do have wireless Internet at that time too.


The restaurant and bar area.
The Cabanas are comfortable and have good beds.


  • Affordable
  • Clean
  • Secure
  • Nice beach
  • Friendly Staff


  • Cabs can get pricey into town
  • The town of Tulum is very unfriendly to Gringos
  • Bad coffee