Drug addiction overseas. Travel gone bad.

cocaineHardcore drug addiction is easy in the land of cheap cocaine. By easy I mean “easy to get hooked.” I’ve seen a few homeless gringos living on the dirty streets of Lima, Peru South America. The best is they overdose and game over. The worst is a life of theft, prison and misery.

Usually they are young traveling kids that come from good upper middle class income families. They experiment with cocaine and then “BAM” they got themselves a serious habit. The money keeps flowing from mommy and daddy for awhile. But the burn rate of the travel funds arouses suspicion and the truth is revealed. Young Johnny or Susie is a cocaine junkie. Ride them cowboy.

They have this cocaine paste on the streets of Peru that is cheap and highly addictive. Your a fool to ever go down that dead end street. I believe this type of cocaine is smoked in a pipe similar to crack. The rehabilitation success rate is more of the belief that these addicts are hopeless cases.

For the record I have never used any sort of cocaine, but I do find it fascinating.

Every now and then I would see this one gringo sitting on the dirty corners of China town in Lima, Peru. He always had some card board sign that stated that he was robbed and needed money to get home. The street rats scurried clear of him.

Another time I saw this guy named Ronald in some hostel. When he didn’t have any drugs he was cradling a bootle of booze. He would write home that he needed money for a plane ticket. The family sends the money and he disappears into the ghettos of paste land in Peru for a week. Last I heard he was locked up in a Peru prison for stealing. Probably the best thing that could happen to him is that he got locked up.

Don’t be one of the dumb that tries to smuggle cocaine through the airport. Those days are over.

If you have a family member that ever becomes a junkie. Don’t feed the fire. Never send them money. Let them hit bottom. Bottom is usually the only way they have a chance to escape addiction.