Shop up in the hill (Bastimentos Island)

Bastimentos Island, Panama

Location:Follow the signs along the sidewalk and up the hill. Takes about 20 minutes and is very scenic. Lemonade awaits you at your destination.
Take a lovely walk to the Shop Up In The Hill and discover how a young couple built their dream with love and hard work. They grow organic cacao beans and make a assortment of products. They sell homemade natural body products made from the cacao beans. Try the homemade chocolate brownies with a creamy frosting, then pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream. The lemonade is just perfect to sit and relax with and hear the jungle tales.

They are completely off the grid here. They get their electricity from the sun and water from the rain. It’s a fascinating place to discover and learn how difficult it is to build a dream in paradise on Bastimentos Island.

Homemade chocolate brownie using coconut oil instead of butter.