Create a personal identity document in 5 minutes.


How to Create a personal Identity document in 5 minutes in a foreign country.

Interesting thing happened to me while standing behind a North American at the bus station a couple days ago. Normally in Peru, South America you need some sort of identification number to buy a bus ticket and the process usually works by allowing the bus station employee to inspect your Passport or DNI (Peruvian Id.)

Well in this case the American left his passport in his apartment to avoid the possibility of theft. He told the bus employee that he had no identification. So she hands him a piece of paper to write his name and passport number on and she enters the information into the bus computer terminal to print out his ticket.

Now here is the kicker. You better sit down for this one and hold on to the arm chair rests. The bus station employee hands him his ticket and the American says to me, “I have an identification now” as he grabs the ticket from her hand. I thought to myself, “that is a brilliant idea.”

It is a simple idea that can be used to create a true or fake identity. Whether the number that he gave her was real or fake, he now has a simple “official” identification. When you check into a hotel you need some sort of identification and now you have a piece of paper to hand the hotel clerk.

Lets imagine that you get into a situation with the authorities and you need some sort of identification. Exclaim in a magical fashion “Presto” and hand the authorities your bus ticket.

How far could this bus ticket take you? Well I have no idea on that, but typing away I imagine with some ingenuity it could take you all the way to Hollywood.