Teaching English in an option, but why work for the man.

teachingMaking money on the road is not easy and many travelers resort to teaching English in private or public schools. Why not setup your own language school when traveling? If you rent an apartment and plan on staying for 3 to 6 months, then you can setup a professional private language course in no time. Purchase a cheap cell phone, advertise on-line and hang fliers in your location. Many people want to learn English throughout the world, but can’t afford expensive schools.

Of course you will need to print out some material for your students. Table and chairs will be required. Maybe a coffee maker and chalk board. I would assume start up expenses would be less than 150 dollars.

I read about many travelers that like to teach English, but do not like the bureaucratic school settings. So why not be your own boss. Traveling is about freedom isn’t it? Plus you get to set your own hours and collect the money.

Once I taught English to a student in a hostel. We just sat in the reception area and winged it each night. Personally teaching English is about as much fun as doing dishes in a basement of a third world kitchen standing in 3 inches of water. Its not my cup of tea. Plus I have an intense southern accent and the student usually starts talking like a hillbilly. Not a good thing.

Being your own boss on the road is possible. Just start thinking creatively to make your own money.