Cruise the Peruvian Amazon river in luxury.

Life can be good on the top and if you are ever fortunate to indulge yourself with a 7 night cruise in complete luxury, then pack your bags. Check out Aqua Expeditions website and dream of traveling on the Peruvian Amazon river in a 5 star hotel on water.

Imagine waking up in a private suite and looking out of a huge panoramic window on the amazon jungle river. The finest local cuisine awaits you in the dining area. Then board a private skiff for your daily guided adventure. Return midday for lunch and a siesta and then resume another guided tour in the evening. Of course you will be whisked back to shower and to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal in luxury.

Later you turn the lights off in your private air-conditioned suite, tucked away in your California king-sized bed. Staring out into the wild Peruvian jungle… dreams do come true.

During the night the captain steers the river expedition vessel into a new magical location.

I know travelers that just returned from the Amazon river cruise and they loved every minute of it. Everything was well organized from arrival into Peru and until the time they departed Peru.

Agua Expeditions delivers luxury.