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I’ve always wanted to visit Jenny James at her home in Colombia, South America, but never had the balls to. Anyways I’ve read her newsletters over the years and have the general idea of her adventurous life and the tragedy of the murder (July 2000) of her grandson Tristan and her son-in-law Javier, both 18 years old in Colombia.

So I’m giving you an introduction, which I hope spurs you to go and learn more.

Passionately vegetarian, atheists, very left-wing and don’t like visitors to tell them how to live their life. You are welcome to visit them in the mountains of Columbia, South America and stay as long as you like. You will have to work very hard helping them in the garden that supplies them with all their food.

Garden path

Jenny James has a reputation as one tough lady. She is around 71 years old now.

Jenny James was interviewed in 2011 and here is just a sample for the curious. Go here for the full interview.

Jenny James is the founder of Atlantis and it all started in London around 1970 where she founded the Atlantis Primal Therapy Commune described as a ”radical, no bullshit, psycho-therapeutic Community, enlightenment center and organic farm.”

The primal therapy clinic was free in a house that Jenny James was squatting in. Critized for being unlicensed and no formal training, but Jenny James approach to the therapy was far more effective than the so-called experts. According to the interview that statement may not be true. So investigate for yourselves.

Atlantis had been criticized, ostracized, threatened, physically attacked and generally disliked and campaigned against by everyone from the neighbors, the IRA, the Catholic Church, local county council, police, the Irish Parliament and the tabloid newspapers.

But anyways Jenny was a radical and forced to go underground and finally sailing to Colombia, South America where she was free to think in the third world.

Jenny states,” but ‘escape’ for me is to say to NO to modern civilization and everything it stands for, and go right back to what is left of Nature and live with her, in her, on her, from her and for her. This is not popular, mainly because it is very hard work. But feeling ‘right’, happy, fulfilled, utterly independent and justified in what one is doing goes a very long way to being free. I can’t see that this is any longer possible in the ‘first world’ countries as they are utterly controlled.”

Jenny goes on in the interview stating the reason many people flee Atlantis is because, “they cannot face some aspect of themselves that has come up through our demands for psychological clarity, honesty and self-knowledge and no double-dealing in one’s relationships with other people.”

You can find more information about Atlantis and how to visit. They have pictures and music to enjoy on the website. Plus you can read the newsletters and subscribe.

Here is the link to the website  (update February 2015)