Travel and live free in an Eco-commune.

Commune: a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.

Did you know that you can travel to different countries and live free. Free as in work for your supper and bed.

If you get along with other people, then it is possible to travel and join or visit an active commune (Eco-community is what they call them these days.)

One persons paradise is another persons hell.

From my experience these communes are often located in remote areas. The living conditions can be primitive and the work sweaty. But if you have that hippie vibe going, then you might want to find yourself a commune and try it out for a while.

The more bigger type communes usually assign you a chore or job. Maybe the commune survives on making a certain product like peanut butter. You might find yourself working in a small peanut butter factory. Possible they pay you with credit that you can use to buy stuff in the commune store.

Don’t expect a plush mattress waiting for you and be prepared to scrounge up anything you can collect to make yourself a decent living situation.

The trade offs for living in a commune compared to the 9 to 5 world is usually more free time.

Be careful of extreme groups that might control you with drugs and maybe block you from leaving. Some groups can have extreme political views and you could find yourself supporting the group through the labor you produce.

But usually the communes just want to live in peace, love and happiness.

Have a look at this web site called Intentional Communities. You can search for a community by country and they have all the information to research what the community is about.