Traveling with a parent with Alzheimer

My thinking is “Go for It!” My recommendation would be sticking in the developing world of Central America. Guatemala is an excellent choice. You might be wondering why I consider Guatemala a good choice? Because I have witnessed a son traveling with his father on the shores of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala.

Now it was not a perfect fairy tale type of father and son relationship. The son had a crack habit and was prone to locking the father in his hotel room. Mostly the father was free to roam outside and sometimes the father would wander off in his underwear and the search would begin.

Now you might be thinking I’m making fun of the situation. I am in fact, but what are the other options? Institutionalized in a box in the USA?

Alzheimer is a very sad disease and the family members suffer as their loved ones memory is erased. There are different stages of the disease and it can be managed in the early and middle years. But I guess there comes a time when they become lost and just stare and vegetate.

I had admiration for the son who had the guts to bring his father to Guatemala. He was living off his dads pension check. Never once did I know the son had a crack habit until one of my friends told me about it a year later. The son seemed a little wacky, but overall he took care of his father pretty good.

Listen. You can rent a house in Guatemala on Lago de Atitlan for dirt cheap money and hire someone to watch after your stricken loved one. They have access to clean air and good food. When the times are tough and they are stuck in a wheel chair, then someone pushes them through the gardens and takes care of them and allows you some free time to deal with the situation spiritually.

If your parent was in bad shape, then I guess you would have to take a bus to Guatemala from Mexico

People in Mexico and Central America are very family oriented. They have more tolerance for what we might call abnormal behavior.

Hey, I guess you might say it is still possible to take mom and pop with you on some last farewell adventure.