How to escape the “First World!”


Do you want freedom from the daily “First World” grind (9-5?) Is the “First World” turning into the third world?

But how can we escape? We must travel to the developing countries and open a small business. Yes you will need some funds to live on for one year. Yes you will have to work, but you will be rewarded with a more relaxed lifestyle.

What I’m outlining here is not actually for the timid. Not actually legal and not actually illegal. Kinda down the middle type thing.

Lets focus on Central America and you have 90 days legal to stay on your passport stamp. You need to live near the Mexico, Costa Rica or Belize border, so that you can quickly jump across a border for a new 90 day passport stamp. People do this for years.

First sell everything and pay off your debts. Buy a plane ticket to Guatemala City, Central America. Take one month Spanish course in Guatemala. You have 6 months left to find a nice city to rent an apartment in.

You will need about 8,400 dollars the first year or 700 dollars a month to survive and start your business. Once your business is established your monthly living costs will reduce to about 500 dollars and you will have an income.

I believe the most sure way to make money is by selling simple food. Think more like a food stand. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, french fries or what the locals like to eat. Simple and fast with a good profit. You will prepare the food in your apartment at first.

Choose a city of a good size population… of lets say 300,000 people. The reason I would choose a big city is so that you can blend into the population and not stand out while you conduct business.

You want to rent an apartment that has a good size kitchen. Rent near an area of lots of foot traffic and bus stops. Also try and be near an area that you can buy supplies. Remember you have no car. You ride the bus or mini-vans.

You purchase:

  1. 3 burner counter top gas cooker
  2. Small refrigerator
  3. Some basic pans and skillets
  4. Utensils and plates
  5. Coffee pot
  6. Thermos

Lets focus on the breakfast crowd. Buy some bread and eggs. Make fried egg sandwiches with cheese and ham (wrap in foil.) Hot coffee. Buy a big hand crafted wicker basket. Load up the basket with your sandwiches, napkins and cups.

Start hustling on the streets by selling your goods. Hot breakfast sandwiches and coffee. You are making money.

Go home and have a siesta. Get ready for the crowd returning from a hards day work or focus on the lunch crowd. Sandwiches and drinks. Two meals a day and no more than that

Cheap and good quality food is the recipe.

One day you meet a nice local lady or guy. Love. You expand the business.

Best way to deal with the police is with a smile and free sandwich if they give you any trouble. If you have teamed up with a local, then you should have no problem. Dress nice and have good hygiene.

Now I’m not sure if you have lived in Central or South America, but the lifestyle can be very relaxing. You will find yourself with more free time as your business gets established. It can be rather challenging at first, but hang-in there.

The key to making this work is to live simple. No car and giving up a lot of trivial materialism. Would you rather have lots of stuff or more free time.