Tarapoto, Peru


I can’t see the attraction to Tarapoto, Peru. It is overrun with motorbike taxis and just an unpleasant city to me. Maybe the nightlife is the attraction to Tarapoto, but I spent the night and left the next day to Yurimaguas, Peru.

If you spend the night in Tarapoto then I would suggest you get a room off the street, because the noise makes it hard to sleep.
If you get a hotel in Tarapoto then expect to pay between 25 Sol and 35 Sol for something descent. I checked one hotel out that cost about 15 Sol per night and I saw a rat drop from the ceiling in the room I was being shown.

The parque central is rather ugly, but there are plenty of restaurants and hotels to choose from in this area of Tarapoto.
A motor taxi costs about 2 Sol from the bus station to the parque central. It is about a 7-minute ride from the bus station to parque central in a motor taxi.

Buses leave about every hour to Yurimaguas and the cost is around 15 Sol for the 3-½ hour trip.